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You should take into account that in the Charter Price is included the VAT and taxes except it is specific something different. However there are some other extra costs that are not included in the charter price of the charter and that you should take into account. The most important is the next

Marina fees: These are the costs of mooring the boat in the different ports during your trip, as well as the costs of refilling the tank of the boat with water of consumption of electricity. These marina fees are variable depending on the country, the ports and the size of the yacht.

Fuel: The boats are rented with the tank full, but the consumption of the fuel is an extra that you should pay at the end of the charter or during your trip in case you have to refill.

Provisions: That means food and beverage which should be purchased before the beginning of the charter date and during the trip if necessary.

Additionally, for bareboat charters, it is also quite common to pay during the check-in process for some obligatory extras (end cleaning) and other optional extras (like the skipper when needed, outboard, extra equipment such as SUP or WIFI etc). In any case, you should check carefully during your booking reservation whether is included or not and ask for our help in case of need. We also recommend you bring enough cash to avoid international commissions because of card payment and/or ATM

Provisions mean the food and beverages that will be consumed on board during your trip. Depending on the type of Charter Options, will be purchased by the crew with the client’s instructions (for crewed charters), or directly by the guests on the day of departure (for bareboat charters). We suggest collecting and buying provisions enough for the duration of the trip, leaving small and additional provisions that can be easily replenished like fresh vegetables and fruits to go ashore during the trip.

Although sometimes depending on the type of boat seems that we are in a big hotel, the freshwater onboard is not unlimited and is a precious resource that we should use with responsibility. Use for your shower just the necessary, remembering not to leave the tap open when you wash your teeth or while washing the dishes. Try to use if possible ecological and special marine soaps use the minimum amount needed to protect the environment.

Additionally, the water from the tap is fresh water from the tanks, which is useful for wash your hands, and taking a shower, but normally there are not filtered so it is highly recommended to buy mineral water. Be sure with your crew and skipper to have enough provisions of water on board.

Contrary to what you may think, a boat toilet is easy to use. There is a drainage system with a manual (or electric) pump (depending on the boat) that takes the water and drains it to the waste water tank. It is very important not to throw toilet paper and objects of any kind in the toilet to avoid obstructing it. Follow in any case the instructions during the process of check-in of the company and ask the skipper in case of doubts.

For sure you will be able to power your phone and all electric devices with a normal socket when the boat is moored at a port and connected to the power grid.

During navigation, instead, and depending on the type of boat, may be possible not to have 220V electricity (this type of current is provided when there is a generator or inverter on board) so you should be prepared to take with you USB connectors to charge with 12V and not to use big electric devices in that case.

On many boats, it is also possible to have a Wi-Fi system with which you can connect to the internet. If you travel near the coast you can also easily connect through your smartphone by activating your data connection. But please take into account that when we are in the open sea, the internet is not always available, which is a good occasion for enjoying your sailing experience and contact with nature. In any case please take into account your needs and restrictions and ask the charter operator before your booking and the skipper during your trip.

The security deposit is an amount that depends on the charter company and is requested to cover any possible damage during the duration of the charter. This amount normally depends on the boat type, size and insurance coverage. If there is no damage, it will be refunded at the end of the charter.

Everyone on board should have a lifejacket and everyone should be informed and know at all times where the lifejackets are stored. Small children (5-6 years old) and non-swimmers should wear their vests during the trip. Always check with your agent/fleet operator if they provide life jackets for small children because many chartered boats do not have them on board or they will not be the right size for your kid. We recommend you bring your own lifejackets for your child and make sure they wear them at all times, even when offshore. For safety regulations on board ask the skipper.

The answer depends on the charter agency, and you should check in advance during your booking. Most of the times are allowed, but in any case, you as the owner will be responsible for its safety and behaviour on board, so be careful and sure that

Smoking is allowed only on the external areas of the boats and sometimes is strictly prohibited by the owner; in any case, if you have doubts ask the skipper or shipowner who will indicate to you whether specific restrictions. Try to be respectful of the people who don’t smoke and of the environment, not throwing filters and cigars into the water.

Before your arrival, you can apply for some type of insurance as Travel Cancellation expenses insurance. Check the conditions with the company and ask for more information in our menu Insurance

By making a reservation on our platform you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation policy of that boat provider, and to any additional terms and conditions of the boat provider that may apply to your rental, including services or/and products offered by the boat provider.

Please note that some rentals of yachts owner are not eligible for cancellation or change. You should check their conditions before confirming the booking or asking us for help. In this case, there are always different Trip Cancellation Insurance that you can apply after booking. You can choose the best for you in your own country or if you need to help you please contact us.

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The weather is as changeable as the wind, but there is nothing to worry about, the sea and the boat offer a thousand possibilities. In case of bad weather conditions, the skipper will advise you conveniently about the better possibilities of other routes and you always you will have time to choose other activities to enjoy in case of not being able to sail. You can explore different places on land with more time, and mix with culture and customs.

You have to take into account that you should prepare just the necessary luggage to have life mostly on board, as a real sailor. First, choose a soft bag that you can fold and easily stow (trolleys and rigid suitcases are banned). It is important to check the climate condition on destination to take only the necessary things with you! For example, if you are going to travel during summer to Caribbean or Mediterranean you should only need a good number of bathing suits, t-shirts and shorts, underwear, a pair of long trousers and a sweatshirt or a light jacket weatherproof to use in the evening or in case of eventually rain. Flip-flops or beach shoes for walking on the beach and a pair of sneakers with white soles to move around safely on board (heels and shoes with hard soles banned).

And obviously, don't forget a cap, sunglasses, beach towel and suitable sun protection and antimosquito spray. The boat and the sunlight’s reflection on the water give a very intense tan. Finally, take with you your specific medicine if you suffer from some chronic disease as well as antihistamines, antinausea and paracetamol.

In case it is your first time at sea it can occur to suffer from seasickness, but normally it is a temporary bother only during the beginning. Just in case, bring an antihistamine or an antinausea medication and tell your crew or skipper to choose the appropriate route if possible to sail in calm waters.

No, you don’t need any experience to rent a boat. You should choose in that case a boat with a skipper or crewed charter, depending on your needs and preferences. They will take care of the boat and route and you will have just to relax. You can find more information about the different type of charters in our Charter Options or contact us if you need us to assist you